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Our office building is conveniently located in the town of Mammoth Lakes, on Old Mammoth Road between the town park and the Stove restaurant. The practice has existed since 1984 at other locations before entering our present location. We built our office building specifically just to be a dental office. This maximizes our efficiency and your patient comfort. We did not convert an existing space that was used for another purpose and just make the best of it. This is a dental office from the ground up!

Our office has won two awards for dental office design. The efficiency of our office enables us to keep our fees reasonable while minimizing your precious time.


Our reception room will make you feel  as though you are relaxing in your own  living room while enjoying unobstructed views to the Sherwin Mountains, Bloody (yes, that is the name)  Mountain and Laurel Mountain. You can observe the activity of families playing in the town park in the summer or the clouds rolling in at the beginning of a winter storm. A blizzard can  also provide entertainment.

We want you to experience a relaxed environment as possible.   A pateint once remarked that his previous dentist had photos  and murals of  mountain scenery  while our office has  large  picture windows of the  actual mountain scenery.

We are proud of our office which fully utilizes state of the art equipment and the latest in dental technology.

We have the ability to provide  dental 3D ( three  dimensional)  imaging.  The capabilities  of 3D  offer a wide range of of diagnostic possibilites such as  mplant placement, extractions, oral pathology, endodontic ( root canal) procedures, root fractures and third molar evaluations We have the CS 9000 3D Extraorla Imaging system  providing access to powerfull focused field  3D iamges.  This high resolution cone beam computed tomography ( CBCT) focuses only on the area in need of diagnosis reducing the amount of radiation exposure.

Our sterilization system surpasses OSHA requirements. We place barriers on any surface that we come into contact with while treating patients. We use digital x rays as well as conventional film x rays. We choose what is best for each patient in each situation. While some offices have only one type of x ray system, we put the patient first and make the investment to have both. The saying " One size does not fit all" applies to x- rays. You deserve what fits your mouth for each and every situation.


Our office is mercury free office and does  not use silver amalgam filling material.

Laser dentistry  is  performed  in  our practice.  Lasers give us wonderful results in treating chronic gum infection, apthous ulcers, chanker sores, uncovering implants  and exposing impacted teeth to name just  a few uses.


For oral cancer screening, we use the hi tech Velscope oral cancer detection system.   made by LED of Canada.  While other  dental offices  have converted a light source that they  use for other purposes  to work with a scope, we utilize the Velscope and its own proprietary light source.  The Velscope by LED is the only system made  just for oral cancer screening.


Our office offers a choice in care in the field of Orthodontics,  Dr. Frank Beglin from Carson City, NV.  Dr. Beglin comes to the Eastern Sierra for a week out of each month.. He is in our office one  of those days and the other four days in his Bishop, Ca office.  For families and adults in need of orthodontic care, this makes orthodontic appointments very convenient and minimizes time away from school for children and teens. Dr. Beglin graduated from the Ohio State University School of Dentistry and did his ortho training there also.  He practiced in Marin, just north of San Francisco for many years.. Check out his web site BEGLINSMILES.COM.   

The proximity of  Dr. Beglin should be a critical factor in a patient selecting an orthodontist.  Many orthodontists  have tried to have a satellite office in our area far away from their main office in another city many  hundreds of miles away.  These orthodontists have put pateints in a very difficult situation when sudden orthodontic emergencies occur or appointments must be changed.  With Dr. Beglin a short drive away to his main office, patients have flexibilty to get care in a timely manner  and finish their treatment.  Locals are always find  making trips to Bishop and Carson City as part of their routine in living in the Eastern Sierra.
Our efficient office allows us to provide the highest quality treatment at reasonable fees. We say that, but so does Delta Dental, the largest dental insurance company in the USA . We are premier providers for Delta Dental. This will come as a bonus for employees of School Districts, Mammoth Hospital,  Union Bank, Edison, Mammoth Water District, Cal Trans, California Fish and Game, California Forestry and many other entities.

We have staff members who are bilingual in English and Spanish to assist with language barriers.

There is covered handicap parking at our side door to help our disabled patients on snowy days.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is available as well as oral sedative pills for our nervous and apprehensive patients.

While other dentists have come and gone in the area, our major investment in our business shows that we will happily be here to serve the community for many years to come. If you are considering major treatment such as esthetic enhancement, implants or major reconstruction of your bite with many crowns, continuity of care should be a prime concern of yours.

Our sign at the front door states that we close when the last patient leaves; not five o'clock. In other words, when you are in need of emergency care, we won't let you take a problem home with you. We will be here when you need us.

We are dedicated to dentistry, health care and dedicated to our patients.

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